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"How Does Touch Shape Our Experience Of Ouresevles?" - Michael Polon

The first Language you ever spoke was sensation

From the time you were born up to about elementary age, the primary way you experienced the world was through direct raw data sensations, without any pre determined ideas about what those sensations mean.

You spent hours upon hours, day after day, exploring movement rolling on the ground, crawling, eventually learning to walk and then run, jump, climb, swing, and more.

Playing in Sand

Most of which was done based upon feedback from the environment and the pure sensations felt in your body.

This mode of learning is known as a bottom-up approach. We are able to build meaning off of our current raw data experience not a preconceived idea about how it SHOULD be. 

Simply put, we use sensations to guide experience.

As We grow older there is a subtle Disconnect That happens

We begin to interpret and experience the world through language, words, symbols, and ideas.

We take a more cerebral approach to life. 

This is a top-down approach, taking what we already know and use this preconceived worldview/information to make meaning out of our experience and raw data sensations.

This way of experience although useful, and necessary, can backfire.

Because when it comes to facing pain, physical or emotional, the preconceived meaning we have or have been told about these experiences can interfere with our ability to actually process and heal.

When we neglect the physical feelings and sensations we can end up bypassing a crucial part of the healing process.

That’s where Rolfing® comes in.

By coming back to ourselves, through touch and movement, and exploring the sensations and feelings in our body, in a safe setting.


We can be open to experiencing whatever arises, pleasant or unpleasant, in a way that creates space for them to be felt without immediately trying to change, get away from, or label our experience.

This opens the doors to rewrite the meaning we have about things like the pain or injury we are experiencing.

Ultimately, breaking the loop that we can easily get stuck in from an mental stand point.


Resulting in the opportunity to let go of old thoughts and patterns and discover new ones.


This new attunement to the sensations of our body then spills over into all areas of our life.


Impacting more than just how you move. 

We are able to change who we are and how we interact with the world on the most fundamental level.


When done in a safe environment with someone we trust, human touch is one of the oldest and most effective healing medicines we have

Bodywork is one medium that provides direct and immediate access to our physical experience.

Rolfing® takes a bottom-up approach, and this is what allows for deeper, lasting change, and transformation to occur because we’re getting to the actual root.

THis MEANS you can let gO

When your body feels safe and supported, it’s more willing to let go of older patterns – to change, adapt, grow, and allow new ones to emerge.

You'll attain a new level of functionality, alignment, and self-expression.

And that leads to less pain, more energy, and deeper connection to yourself.

This frees your body to direct more energy toward other areas – including psychological, emotional, and social stress.  Making a happier, healthier, you.

Will McBride 26 lh789.jpg

As a result of the jobs, hobbies, injuries,  or pain you’ve experienced, your body has done its best to adapt to those challenges. But… it means you have compensation and holding patterns that may be keeping you from moving as efficiently as you could. 

Reduce your stress. Revitalize yourself. Remind your body of how amazing it can be.

Schedule an appointment today and find out more about your body’s true potential – through Rolfing®.

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