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Seeking a Change

After attempting to find solutions to heal injuries and resolve pain with little to no long-lasting results, my father and I needed a change.

A change, not only in our physical experience, wanting to live pain-free, but a change in our treatment. 

We needed a new perspective. A new approach to healing and recovery.

For us, Rolfing®, was that necessary change we needed several years ago.

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"Things Don't Exist Relationships Do" - Ray McCall

The number one problem

See, most traditional treatment plans only focus on one area of the body, in isolation, while neglecting all the other relating parts.


The truth is no system in the body works in isolation and many times the pain or discomfort we experience is directly related to other areas rather than just where it hurts.


By only treating one area of the body, such as the knee, this is only putting a band-aid on the problem and failing to address and heal the root cause. 

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Because in this example, the knee isn’t something just floating in space by itself.


Your knee is a link in a complex system of connections to other areas like your foot and your hip.

Your entire body is always working in unison together.


Each part directly depends on and relates to one another.

This means that in order to heal pain and improve function the entire body must be addressed and reorganized not just one part.

When the entire body and person is treated as a whole, many of the compensatory, chronic habits, and patterns we have been stuck in, which can cause pain and discomfort, begin to shift and let go, freeing the body of restrictions and allowing for more optimal function, alignment, and self-expression.


But You aren't just a collection of muscles and bones. 

Our relationships don't just stop at our physical biology.


You're a conscious living, breathing human, who has lived a life completely unique to you and you alone. 


This is the one thing that an anatomy book, MRI, or dissection from a cadaver can't account for.

And that's why our psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects are equally as important.


These hold a vital role in how we move, the pain we may experience, how we express ourselves, and our overall health and well-being.

The physical work we do is really the doorway into impacting and changing these other relationships too!

My Philosophy

Rather than attempting to force an imposed ideal on someone, Rolfing® looks to do the opposite.

Instead, Rolfing® aims to be adaptable and fit the unique person you are. Everyone has experienced completely different life experiences, habits, forces, and demands placed upon their bodies. 

Most receive help in the form of a diagnosis that places them in a particular box, and then treatment comes in the form of a cookie cutter approach that is given to everyone as if everyone was the same.

And anyone with common sense knows that is not the case.

Even when suffering the same exact injury as another, it still is not the same.

Because we all have different body structures; we all have different habits, jobs, and life events that have literally shaped who we are.

That means the solution for each person will and MUST vary to match their unique circumstances.

 I believe that everyone is unique, and the work that we do in each session reflects this.

It isn’t exactly about a fancy technique – it’s about operating from the principles that are fundamental to the human body and for the healing process.

Working from this place allows us to work with and support the body and person compared to forcing them into a particular box and fighting it to change

In this work, my goal is to make sure each person feels safe, supported, and empowered by realizing current capabilities they may not know were available to them, while simultaneously discovering new ones.

About Me

Ever since I was young, I loved to figure out how things worked. So, it was inevitable that my analytical mind would become fascinated by trying to understand the human condition, movement, and the relationship it has with our health and well-being.

For the past 8 years, I’ve dedicated my life to learning from some of the world’s best teachers and thinkers within the realm of health and human movement, to begin understanding the principles that are fundamental to the human body and the healing process.

I graduated in 2017 from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. During my time there, I was fortunate enough to learn from instructors with decades of experience and even direct students of Ida Rolf. 

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Rolfing® has made a significant impact not only in my life, but I’ve also witnessed the impact it can have on the lives of others as well. Rolfing® allows the opportunity to provide something that people aren’t aware is available that makes a profound difference in their life.


For this reason, I’m excited and passionate about this work and look forward to continue sharing it with others. 

l also hold certifications in the FR® and FRC® systems that I integrate into my work.

Outside of my work, I spend most of my free time in nature. My favorite activities are backpacking, hiking some of Colorado’s great peaks, or simply sitting by the water with my dog and loved ones catching the sunset.

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