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It's Time to Remember How Amazing Your Body Can Be

Heal Pain - Improve Posture - Optimize Health

Rolfing® Structural Integration now in the Denver Metro Area

What exactly is Rolfing®, How does it work, and Why do I need it?

Rolfing® SI is an innovative, effective, and holistic approach designed to relieve pain, improve posture, optimize movement patterns, and evoke long-lasting change and healing. 


Created by a visionary Dr. Ida Rolf, Ph.D. Biochemistry, Rolfing® utilizes soft tissue treatment, and movement education to help reorganize and release patterns of strain and discomfort, replacing them with new, more useful, and efficient ones. Resulting in less pain, injuries, and more comfort and ease in your body.


Because our bodies are highly complex and adaptable, based on our past pain, injuries, jobs, hobbies, and other life experiences, we can adopt or become stuck in less than ideal postures and movement patterns that can limit our ability to move and impact how we feel in our bodies.


These restrictive patterns, along with much of the pain and discomfort we experience can be linked to multiple areas throughout the body’s structure rather than just where it hurts.


That’s why, unlike traditional treatment methods, Rolfing® looks past only treating symptoms with temporary relief, and focuses on an integrative whole body approach that gets to the root cause and leads to long-lasting results and sustainable change.

What Rolfing® SI Isn't.

Rolfing® is not like massage or just another fancy “deep tissue” technique. Our goals and effects are completely different. We aren't rolling out knots or breaking up adhesions. The science is clear that this isn’t even possible.


Rolfing® is meant to be a collaborative experience, not a passive one,  where we work together to change how you feel and move.


Rolfing® is not painful. Our work covers a spectrum of touch ranging from light and gentle to deep/firm pressure. Clients report that this work feels restorative and enjoyable.

"Wil is amazing. There were multiple times going through the series where I felt like the way I carried myself completely changed for the better. Working with Wil solved several issues that had been bothering me for years. I had tried seeing doctors and a chiropractor with no luck before seeing him."

Klint T.

Hi, I'm Wil.

Several years ago my father suffered a traumatic work injury resulting in three major surgeries on his left arm. After surgery, he went through the entire rehab process, which totaled just over a year. Unfortunately, the traditional rehab process failed to get him back to the level that he was at before the injury.

After trying every kind of modality one can imagine, with little or no lasting results, desperation and hope to find help was at an all-time high.

Eventually, I discovered a Structural Integration Practitioner and within a few sessions my Dad regained almost full range of motion back in his arm, but most importantly he was no longer suffering from pain either.

To this day, he still mentions how his arm has never bothered him since.

It was after this experience that I decided to abandon PT school and attend The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.

Will McBride 34 lh997 (1).jpg

Rolfing® has made a significant impact not only in my life, but I’ve also witnessed the life-changing impact it can have on the lives of others too.


Rolfing® allows the opportunity to provide something that people aren’t aware is available to them that makes a profound difference in their life!

Common issues Rolfing® Helps with: 
  • Acute/Chronic Pain (Back, Neck, Shoulder, etc)

  • Injury Recovery 

  • Poor Posture

  • Plantar Fascitis 

  • Scoliosis 

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Sciatica

  • Whiplash

  • Muscular Restriction/Tightness

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents 

  • Much more.


Ashely H.

Monica M.

Ryon W.

Fantastic! Your intuitive approach along with patient guidance has allowed me to not only enjoy the Rolfing Ten series but experience a deep level of healing both physically and emotionally from the release of long-held tension and pain.

“Wil is a wonderful practitioner. He has helped me reduce pain and regain strength and flexibility in my hip and shoulder. I have found his work to be very effective."

“Wil, just wanted to drop a line and say thank you!! By mid-morning today my foot was completely pain free!! I am going to wait a couple more days before playing tennis. I have been telling everyone who will listen about what a great experience it was. Thanks again!!”


The 10 Series, The Hallmark of Rolfing®

While traditional treatment methods only look at the body in isolated parts and pieces, aiming to improve one thing at the expense of neglecting the others.

Rolfing® offers a new perspective.

The reality is, that no system in the body ever works in isolation. Many times the pain or discomfort we experience is in relation to other areas of the body NOT just where it hurts.

Most people's bodies have come out of optimal alignment from injuries, hobbies, or lifestyles.


The ten-series frees your body from compensatory holding patterns and muscular guarding that no longer serve you, allowing a natural discovery of a new way to physically move in the world.


This results in greater energy, pain-free movement, and alignment.







Discover what you're body is capable of with the 10 Series!

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